CD+ with Cerades™

CD⁺ efficiency delivers fast return on investment. Environmental and health protection, lower operational costs, and less downtime)
CD⁺ is extremely powerful, efficient, reliable and quiet.

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Save big on energy costs

Traditional adsorption dryers force compressed air through towers filled with thousands of loose desiccant beads. In Cerades™ dryers, the air flows straight through solid tubes for a no-resistance flow and significantly lower energy costs

Better air quality

Loose desiccant beads bounce around in the drying towers, which causes them to decompose over time. This can compromise your dew point. Cerades™ lasts longer to give you better air quality and extended service intervals

No desiccant dust to deal with

The decomposing beads of traditional dryers release a fine dust into your air system. This dust is not only a health and environmental hazard but also creates additional filtration and maintenance costs. Cerades™ eliminates this dust issue altogether

Installation and operational flexibility

Cerades™ is vibration-resistant and can be mounted horizontally. This allows for easy installation and continuous operation in demanding applications such as the transportation industry

Get more space

Cerades™ dryers are smaller because they can handle a higher airflow. This reduced footprint gives you more free space and flexibility in your compressor room

Advanced control and monitoring system

State-of-the-art Elektronikon® Touch control and monitoring system with warning indications, dryer shutdown and maintenance scheduling.

Cerades™: a desiccant revolution by Atlas Copco

Some innovations change everything. Take Cerades™, the first ever solid desiccant.

Developed and patented by Atlas Copco, Cerades™ revolutionizes desiccant dryer design, efficiency and performance.

And that makes all the difference for you as you enjoy better air quality, lower energy and service costs, and health and environmental benefits.

The new CD 20⁺-335⁺ is the first dryer to feature Cerades™.